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World Mental Health Report


Mental health conditions are very common in all countries of the world. Most societies and most health and social systems neglect mental health and do not provide the care and support people need and deserve. The result is that millions of people around the world suffer in silence, experience human rights violations or are negatively affected in their daily lives. This should not be the story of mental health, globally or in your country. And it does not have to be. This report argues for a transformation in mental health and shows that it is possible. Using findings from research and practice, it explores diverse options to deepen the value and commitment we give to mental health, to reshape environments that influence mental health, and to develop and strengthen community-based mental health services. Using examples of positive change from across the globe, this report shows that every country, no matter its situation, has many opportunities to significantly improve mental health for its adults and children. Throughout this report you will find narratives from people around the world with lived experience of mental health conditions. Their accounts show what effective health and social support looks like, how it can lead to recovery, and how this means different things to different people. And they tell of the suffering, stigma and social exclusion that happens in the absence of environments and services that protect and support mental health and that offer affordable, quality care. Ultimately, these stories are a reminder that investing in and transforming mental health means investing in
people. Everyone has a right to mental health. Everyone deserves the chance to thrive.

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