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Challenges and response to pandemics as seen in a One Health perspective


The global pandemic caused by the coronavirus disease 2019 not only exposed the
fragility of global preparedness and response to public health emergence, but also
illustrated the fragmentation and gaps of research and development ecosystem. This
emphasizes the need for planned actions against the potentiality of new pandemics
and requires research to better understand how viruses bridge the animal/human
divide making human-to-human transmission of new diseases possible. Major
challenges to response to new epidemics under the current health framework reside in
the so called 4-CC approach that focuses on Concept, Communication, Coherence,
and Continuity. There is a need to also add a One Health perspective with emphasis
on governance, surveillance, capacity building and multi-disciplinary research to
achieve a holistic and better integrated system. Using a regulatory framework to equip
professionals might facilitate the function of a multi-sector approach that recognizes
the value of their mandates and a One Health approach in their work. Collaborative,
multisectoral actions under the global regulations and guidance would make
evidence-based One Health approaches sustainable and accessible to everyone.

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Chen J
He J
Bergquist R

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