mHealth Collaboration for Social Good

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TitlemHealth Collaboration for Social Good
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsKoch H, Green G, Mahid Z, Garner SL, Hitchcock J, George CE, Young P
PublisherIGI Global
Year of Publication2020
Series TitleImpacts of Information Technology on Patient Care and Empowerment
Type of WorkE-book
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsLow and middle income countries, Mhealth

The World Health Organization lauds mobile health (mHealth) technology as a means of creating stronger healthcare systems and improving health-related outcomes. This chapter reports on an action research study examining the development of a mHealth technology hypertension app to help people living in India's urban slums and rural villages take better care of their health. The collaboration involved a multidisciplinary team of U.S.-based academic researchers, and India-based healthcare and technology professionals. This study suggests that traditional Western-based project management approaches alone are insufficient when developing technology for social good. Specifically, the study finds that team, process, and technology adaptability are key to successfully developing healthcare technology to serve at-risk populations in resource-constrained areas. Implications of these findings to systems development research are discussed.