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Why Nigeria Must Care for, Eliminate and Eradicate Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)


This paper thoroughly reviewed why Nigeria needs to care for, eliminate, and eradicate the neglected tropical disease (NTDs). The paper relied on the review of related literature to sufficiently expound on intervention, accomplishments, disadvantages, and techniques of eradication and elimination of NTDs in Nigeria. It has been documented that NTDs affect about two billion people worldwide, accounting for a quarter of the world's population, with Africa accounting for over 40% of those affected. Although neglected tropical diseases are preventable and treatable, a significant amount of funds has been invested to eradicate and eliminate them. NTDs are diseases of the poor, according to reports, and efforts to eradicate them must address the causes of poverty as NTDs can cause a variety of problems. This paper suggested ways to eradicate NTDs in Nigeria including strengthening public health systems and supporting governments in the elimination of NTDs and limiting the transmission of disease pathogens by effective vector control among others.

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Etokwudo SO
Oleribe OO