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Practical Material

NTD Inclusion Score Card (NISC) Tool

The NTD Inclusion Score Card (NISC) is a self-assessment tool developed for NTD organisations to track and measure performance in terms of inclusion and meaningful participation of persons affected by NTDs in policy and decision-making processes in their own organisation. The NISC aims to further enable NTD organisations to gain a better understanding of existing challenges and gaps in relation to inclusion and participation of persons affected by NTDs. It assesses performance in seven key domains: Governance, Programme Management, Human Resources, Financial Resources, Accessibility, External Relations, and Communication.  

Based on the findings from the self-assessment, the organisation is encouraged to come up with an action plan and steps towards a more inclusive organisation. 

The NISC application can be downloaded and installed on a windows computer. After downloading, installation and its use is fully offline. The NISC application exclusively records your self-assessment data on your own computer. No data is transmitted to the internet or any other parties. 

The development of the NISC was sponsored by ILEP 


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